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A/N~ I totally forgot Toby stutters XD I'm sorry guys, I just remembered, aren't I such a derp?                                                                             
                                                                              ~~The Dark & Cold~~ 
                                                                                Ticci Toby x Reader 
                                                                              (Request by~ :iconcandiproductions:
                                                                             ----CHAPTER THREE PART TWO----

    .:Reader's POV:.
    Before you were given the chance to go rambling on with where you were, who he was, someone with a long smile cut deliberately into both sides of his cheeks. His skin was pure white, and it looked like it had the texture of leather with black rims of his eyes, and lastly, black raven hair, knotted and tangled. Your eyes switched between the three anonymous people, and dog, standing before you. "Dammit Smile, c'mere." You heard the male behind the other one order impatiently.
    Quickly, you pressed your hand up onto the bruised skin of your broken ribs, trying not to irritate the rough flesh. The tall man who called the dog gave you a long stare without any flinch of a blink and turned, waking up the winding staircase with the tall broad shouldered dog following. "I a-am really sorry a-about that, (First Name)." You watched as the man put his hand out to indicate to help you up.

    Your ribs singed of lingering pain and incompetently, you threw you hand into the stranger's. This wasn't the smartest idea, but what else could a girl with broken ribs to? "W-who are you?" You aloud the words to slide out shakily, your breath chilled.

    You watched as he helped you up safely so your ribs wouldn't go through any more agony than they already did. "This isn't e-exactly the best p-place to explain it... Please, f-follow me." He nodded and held your hand moderately, leading you towards the large couch you laid when you arrived to where ever it was you were at now. "I hate t-to tell you s-so unprofessionally... But I-I brought you here b-because when I s-saw you while I w-was in the r-road-" Your mouth was wide opened.
    This was who you got hit for?! Some guy standing in the middle of the road one night in a rural town as the one you live in?! If only your ribs weren't damaged you'd teach this bastard a lesson or two. "It was you? You were the one I save?? And to think that I saved someone like you..." You muttered and crossed your arms, reluctantly looking away.

    You could sense the silence between the both of you, and his breath rolling in and out of his lips as you listened. "L-listen... It's too late f-for you to go back to your h-home now, and I've already d-decided with Slenderman that you'll b-be staying here with u-us and killing just as we all d-do. Well, not until you're b-better that is..." He finally broke the long chain of quiet breathing. 

    Your eyes widened and you almost jumped to your feet but remembered about your ribs and stayed sunken in your seat. "What?!" You yelled and rapidly turned to face him. "I don't even know you name-".

    "Toby. My names T-toby." You could almost sense him smiling lightly under the mouth guard he wore, along with a delicate blush. 

    You narrowed your eyes and slid your hand over your wound again, keeping pressure on it. "Alright. Toby, how do you know my name?" You began to calm down, organizing and processing everything in your mind. 

    "I know a-a lot about y-you. Like w-when-". Before Toby could finish, there was the thundering sounds of foot steps running down the twirling staircase and you glanced over your shoulder and quickly laid yourself down, pretending to sleep as Toby sighed and you felt him stand up.

    You heard someone talking and lots of walking as you tried to eavesdrop. "Toby, you ready to go?" You heard a familiar voice ask as you slightly opened your eye to watch.

    In front of you, a few feet ahead next to a large door stood a male with an orange hood standing next to Toby, and to the other side, a same sized man with a more yellow colored sweatshirt. Toby nodded. "Yes, let's g-get this done w-with." You heard Toby say last before the three of them left you in the living room.

    You decided this would be perfect spare time to explore where ever you were. Slowly, you cautiously stood with your arm arched up against your flank and skidded your feet across the floor and stepped on the first stair, taking another slow step as you looked up to see if anyone was at the top of the stairs in case. 

    Once you reached the top of the stairs, was a long hallway with multiple doors on each side indicating individual rooms. You slowly walked down the hall, caressing your fingers on the dusty walls and looking at the dirty glass windows.

    "What are you doing?".  


This was CANCELLED  a while ago, please don't ask for the next chapter in the comments, guys...

This is short because is a Part 2 of Chapter Three. Sorry it took a while to submit, I've been having trouble wit making my profile icon lately and never really remembered to update this. XP

Chapter four soon to come! :D

Magical questions~~
Who was that at the end? 
Where did Toby and the two anonymous males go? (Masky and Hoodie as if it wasn't obvious already >.<)
Is the author of this a derp? (Answer: YES!! XD)
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