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                                                                              ~~The Dark & Cold~~ 
                                                                                Ticci Toby x Reader 
                                                                         (Request by~ CandiProductions)
                                                                             ----CHAPTER ONE----

    .:Reader's POV:.
    It was dark out, a night you'd surely never forget. Yet one you'd have no hesitation into recalling. You, your mom, and dog were walking around 7:30 pm, enjoying the cool and relaxing swift night breeze as you chatted with each other. Your mom wasn't like other moms, she wasn't so uptight and strict with you. Yes, you were aloud to swear, but your mom would one and a while remind you not to abuse such a privilege. "So then, Rebecca asked me where my dinner went-" 
    You rolled your eyes as your mom continued on telling the story of when her and her friend Rebecca Wells went out for dinner last weekend. "Alright mom, I get it." You interrupted and held the dog leash tightly as a car passed, (Dog's Name) always having a habit of chasing cars. 
    She smiled lightly and sighed, digging her hands into her brown leather coats pockets and watched her feet. "How was school?" She finally asked, glancing at you from the corner of your eye.
    School was an entire different story than the one at your house. You were pretty much just another face in the crowd. You had a few friends, your grades were just steady, and you weren't someone who should be remembered by a stranger if they saw you. Shrugging tensely, school hadn't been your favorite out of all the things in your life. "Eh, it's cool. But uh, can we talk about dad? Is he still in Australia?" Your dad, Phillip, had left last month to do a urgent science assignment that was written up by his boss and was sent with an immediate ticket to Australia, and still had been gone.
    The subject wasn't anymore easy on your mom than it was on you. It made the two of your both feel more distant and bothered. "(First Name)," She said with an unusual stern tone that fired in her voice as she stopped, halting in front of you. "I told you almost four times today that your father will b e home sooner or later and to stop asking. You should at least respect my needs of that. " She narrowed her eyes as she looked into your (Eye Color) orbs that were dim in the faded outline of the moonlight.
    You reluctantly nodded. "Sorry..." You apologized and went back to walking as she stepped aside.
    "I'm going home, you keep walking (Dog's Name) and be home by at least 8:30 pm, take my watch in case." She insisted and unclasped the blue glowing wrist-watch from her wrist and passed it to you as you reluctantly took it form her hands and put it in your pocket. She waved goodbye and took a turn right and crossed the empty street, walking down the sidewalk until she disappeared into the misted distance. 
    You sighed and kept walking the opposite direction, the moons color thickening by the second, exposing it was already getting late. You decided it's be best to get some air between you and your mom since the two of you had hung out almost all the first week of summer vacation. As you were walking down the same street, your attention was immediately hooked on a tall figure, about 5'7" standing in the middle of the street, completely still with something dangling from both their hands. You tilted your head as (Dog's Name) perked his/her ears but continued sniffing the are you stood in.
    Since this was mildly unusual for someone to be in an empty street in such an rural town, you tried to stick to the side, not wanting to stand out as much as whoever that was. "Uh..." Slid from your lips as you slowly shuffled towards the figure, (Dog's Name) slowly tagging along. "Hello?" You called out, stopping at a lamp post. 
    The figure looked as if it was just was staring into the abyss darkness, the moon rising from behind. You looked around and returned to your locked eyes on the person. In the distance, was a large beaming yellow light and the sound of a loud muffler following as a old Nissan car roared forward, straight for the anonymous human. "Watch out!" You screamed for their life at such risk but not even an inch was of them made. You widened your eyes, surprised. You couldn't tell whether this guy was just plan stupid, or deaf! You could have bet on both! The car just kept speeding ahead, not even stopping as they were a few feet from the manly figure. 
    You growled and quickly tied the dog leash to the post and ran forward towards the direction of the standing human in plan to push them aside even if it meant you'd get hit. Just as soon as you leaped into air, lunging for the standing person in the road, it was gone, and the next thing you knew, had been feeling your rib-cage feel as if a sledgehammer was smashing into it. 
    You were hit by the car...

    Time Lapse To Hospital

    A small, faint eerie sound of beeping came into your hearing as it grew louder and louder as your eyes crookedly opened to face a white ceiling with bright LED lights burning into your oculars. You clenched you teeth and shut your eyes from the sudden brightness. Looking to the side, you saw a large machine next to you and noticed a needle in your arm, pumping something inside of your system. "Mom?!" You panicked and looked up to see your mom outside of the door talking with a nurse. Relieved, you flopped your head back and sighed, shutting closed your eyes again to let them relax as the beeping became a soft rhythm.
    "A week, here?! She couldn't possibly-"
    "Ma'am, we're doing everything as doctor ordered, (First Name) is required to stay here for the rest of the week until her ribs are back in ship-shape." You heard a soft mellow voice reply to your moms shaky one.
    You felt your arms tingle and then felt the tight and sharp feeling of something exiting your arm were the needle was. You shot your head up and instantly looked down to see a nurse pulling out the needle that was attached to your arm and setting up some bottles with contents you were unfamiliar with. "Good morning (First Name). I'm sure you remember what happened. What a tragedy." She sighed and rested her hand over your forehead.
    Sighing, you felt her tape on a cotton ball on the shot area and stand up, leaving you as you watched her nudge your mom out. Looking to the left, you saw a large window with the sun burning out, slowly lowering with the outline of the foggy moon already planted in the sky, taking over the sun's place. Then, you looked at a clock. 5:57 pm. You were probably here from last night. What day was it? Who brought you here? How bad was the injury? Who hit you? Who was that in the road? What about (Dog's Name)? So many questions all racing you mind into a knot of confusion!
    The same nurse walked in again and placed a plastic Dixie cup next to you on a small table and smiled sheepishly. "I hope you feel better." She nodded and fled form the room, quietly shutting the door behind her and left to the lobby. 
    Weakly, you lifted a hand and grasped the water, slurping it down and feeling the surge of your throat burning from the dryness. You coughed heavily, dust felt like it was decomposing your lungs. Your head, pounding and your body was burning hot. As you tried to roll over to get some rest, you felt a small crack that rode up your hips, through your flank, and into your ribs, increasing into a hurricane of brutal pain and what felt like an avalanche of your rib bones falling off a cliff into a abyss pit. "Ah!" You screamed at the top of your dirty lungs, coughing after as doctors rushed in.
    "I'm not so sure moving around so much will help that wound!" A doctor called, rushing to your side and pushing an ice-pack from the freezer to the right onto your side, cooling it down easily. 
    You could feel flaming tears ride down your cheeks and sweep across your face as you wiped them away and rested slowly back onto your spine, burying your head into the pillow as the doctor slowly and cautiously backed away until exiting the small room. You turned on the TV onto "(Favorite Channel)" and watched "(Favorite Show)". 
    Slowly, you drifted into a light slumber and finally felt the relaxation of aching bones put to sleep. You smiled faintly as you slept until disturbed by sudden and small whispers that surrounded you, echoing in the room. "This is such a fucked up idea." You heard a low and dark voice mutter into the cool air.
    "Shut up pine head and help me get her up, or he'll fuck us both up." Another replied as you felt a hot hand prop your head up and another wrap around a clothe over your eyes as something picked you up, keeping you in the same position so your ribs wouldn't bruise more, though. 
    You felt your eyes open drowsily but didn't see anything but white and shadows from outside moving rapidly. You attempted to moving your hands to pull up the blindfold but your wrists were tightly bounded together with a thick rope. Was someone kidnapping you?

The Dark And Cold~Ticci Toby x Reader (CH.1) by GreySnowflake11

/ / ©2014-2016 GreySnowflake11
Requested from CandiProductions.

I'm sorry this is a little boring so far, I'll try at making it more exciting in chapter two! :D
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Justdontaskmewhy Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Student Writer
Girl: Do u even want to be with me forever?
Boy: No
Girl: Do u even like me?
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Boy: No
She heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyes
The boy grabbed her arm
Boy: Your not pretty...your beautiful
Boy: I dont want to be with u forever...I need to be with u forever
Boy: I dont like u...I love u
Boy: I wouldn't cry if u walked away......I would die if u walked away.
Boy Whispers: Plz stay with me
Girl: I will...
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*Get ready for the shock of your life!
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Im so sorry.
eveechick9 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
1 i love dat story,
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Finally something exciting in my life 
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Yay!im being kidnapped by 2 random people!and they r being nice about it!
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Shit is about to go down, isn't it..?
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holy shit i was just kidnapped
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Should I be scared for my safety?


Am I?

Not at alll.......
Smartyboy2281 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I cant wait for Ch. 2
GreySnowflake11 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Chapter two was posted today ^_^
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